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Our trip to Indonesia by @R1CHButterworth

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So. Again we are defeated.

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Taken from “Romance” Ep out on Roche Musique 24.02.14
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01 - Espoir
02 - S/ash
03 - Hot Hands
04 - Vanyll
05 - Omeo


Justice League by Anthony Noble

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Yesterday I wrote a plan, a plan devised only of a journey with no ultimate destination. That is not to say, without the distinct and vivid colours of destiny however.
To be, how to be, what to be, so many questions when ‘being’ is probably the very answer to them all. Experiences draw conclusions, but to conclude bequeath the end. 
Are we journeying to the end, even without a final location. Is life predetermined to the finite or are the actions we commit a karma to the infinite.
Religion. Belief. Humanity. Morality.
Is the purpose of life to replenish the goodness that initiates progress and happiness, an ideal for the future, or to remember our past and reflect on experience and the knowledge already ascertained.
Is doing the right thing as known by physics and history more advantageous than the courage to wonder of the mystical future.
Aspirations. Desire. Yearning. Morality.
Tomorrow I forget the plan, I lose a part of mankind, and get lost in serendipity.


Black Forest Ghetto Invincible

Few things bring good vibes like a band with a heavy dose of funk up their sleeves and it’s been way too long since I’ve had those irreplaceable sounds here or in my ears. 

Luckily, the remedy to that situation landed in my inbox a few days ago and it came with a force that caught me off guard and ended up leaving me in the mood to move. If the London six piece known as Black Forest Ghetto hasn’t made their way onto your radar yet then there’s no better time than the present for them to do so, and I’m sure that they’ll be there to stay. Bringing a style that’s both incredibly smooth and vivacious, BFG finds their place between the dazzling and steamy, neon lit nights of the 80’s and the charming, pop driven infatuation of the early 90’s resulting in something that’s simply irresistible. Their debut EP, Natural Gaming Talent, is due out sometime in March but for now you can find a few tracks that’re sure to make you groove over on soundcloud.

Author: Jon

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Mario Testino

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